David Craft is Eagle Scout of the Year

Contributed photo<br> David Craft, flanked by World War II Veterans, received the Washington State Eagle Scout of the Year Medal from the Sons of the American Revolution.

OCEAN PARK - Peninsula resident David Craft, 17, was honored Saturday, May 15, by the Sons of the American Revolution as Washington State's Eagle Scout of the Year. Craft was presented a trophy, medal and two special badges during a ceremony held in Fife.

As part of the competition, Craft was required to submit an essay on the American Revolution. Understanding it was a risky move, but one that would make him stand out, Craft wrote about a Loyalist ancestor. Henrick Adolph, along with a group of 500 other German Palatines, felt indebted to the King of England as he had saved their lives during a tragedy that unfolded on the way to America. When the war began, there was great anguish among the German families, as loyalties were split. At the end of his essay, Craft brought into the picture his ancestors who chose to become Patriots in spite of their gratitude to the king.

Other deciding factors in the competition were leadership qualifications, participation in high adventure camps, and the number and types of merit badges earned. The Sons of the American Revolution place the greatest emphasis on the Genealogy, American Heritage and Law merit badges, all of which Craft has earned.

Craft currently serves as Senior Patrol Leader of local Boy Scout Troop 4028, which meets Monday evenings at the Peninsula Church Center. Anyone interested in finding out more about joining the troop can contact Scoutmaster Tom Sutherland at 642-4802.

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