Dr. Jeff Maple opens medical practice in Dr. Sutherland's Ilwaco office

Dr. Jeff Maple

ILWACO - Dr. Jeff Maple has opened a solo practice in the office of Dr. Frederick Sutherland in Ilwaco. The two physicians are not in partnership but will be working side-by-side in the office.

Maple grew up in the Raymond area and graduated from Willapa Valley High School and from the University of Oklahoma Medical School. His family practice residency was in Las Vegas from 1995 to 1998 where he was named chief resident and resident teacher of the year in 1998. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a medical officer and family physician/flight surgeon from 1998 to 2002, treating active-duty flyers and their families as well as practicing family and occupational medicine and public health.

After moving to the Peninsula, Maple practiced broad-spectrum rural family medicine at Ocean Beach Medical Clinic in Ilwaco from 2003 until January and is medical director at the Ocean View Convalescent Center in Long Beach.

Maple and his wife, Tammie have two children, Ben, 4, and Chloe, 2. They live in Seaview.

"I enjoy caring for kids and doing routine care," Maple said. In the Ilwaco office, he'll staff an out-patient and ambulatory medicine clinic as well as "taking care of the 30 to 35 folks at Ocean View."

In the next few weeks, Maple will focus on visits to people who are homebound and will spend time at Golden Sands at Klipsan Beach. "It's very hard for these folks to get to the office," he said. "I'm very service oriented."

Working side-by-side with Sutherland, the two physicians will see each other's patients should the need arise. "He's more than welcome," Sutherland said. "It'll be nice to have company. I'm not long enough in the tooth to be thinking about a successor. There will come a time when I'll hang it up, but it's not on the radar yet."

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