LONG BEACH — A former employee of Great Northwest Credit Union is in jail after stealing over $9,000 from customers.

Ashley Bagley, 30, was booked into jail on Aug. 8 for first-degree theft. While an employee at the credit union, Bagley took $9,295 from customers between Aug. 1, 2018 and Jan. 4, 2019.

Bagley was sentenced to 30 days in jail. She also has to pay back the credit union, and pay court fees. She owes a total of $9,895.

“[This was] a sad case of someone who saw an opportunity and took it,” said Pacific County Prosecutor Mark McClain. “The bank wanted to ensure she served 30 days in jail and received a felony conviction. Both of those happened.”

Bagley will also be on probation for over a year with crime-related treatment requirements directed by the Department of Corrections, McClain said. She’s also prohibited from coming within 300 feet of the credit union.

Branch managers noticed a discrepancy in Bagley’s till in January after she had been fired. At the time, the managers only found a $3,100 discrepancy.

Later investigations found an additional $6,195 was missing.

Bagley transferred money from customer accounts using a unique code she was provided while a credit union employee. This was how Bagley accessed the money, according to court documents.

When first questioned by law enforcement, Bagley denied taking the money but admitted she manipulated the accounts. She was found guilty on Aug. 2.

First-degree theft is a class B felony offense.

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