ILWACO - About 20 law-enforcement officers from federal, state and city agencies participated in serving a search warrant Friday at a home in the 7100 block of Scarboro Lane in Vandalia after information had been obtained that an occupant of the home allegedly possessed an assault rifle and grenades.

Detectives from the Longview Street Crimes Unit served the warrant, issued by the Cowlitz County Superior Court, to search the residence for marijuana and related paraphernalia. The detectives had previously conducted a controlled purchase of marijuana at the home. An investigation also led them to believe a resident at the home "possessed and might have easy access to an assault rifle and grenades," according to a press release from the unit.

Officers from Long Beach Police Department, the Washington State Patrol SWAT and drug units, Longview Police Department Street Crimes Unit and federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms special agents were involved in the case.

WSP "was asked to assist in the search warrant service for the safety of all agencies and persons involved," according to the release. The WSP SWAT team entered the residence at 8:45 a.m. Friday.

ATF was called in on the case because information was obtained that the resident had live hand grenades in the home.

Robert Gideon "Gid" MacDonald, 36, of Ilwaco was arrested and booked at Pacific County Jail for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and manufacturing of marijuana.

"SCU detectives located two grenades, an assault rifle and more than a half pound of marijuana," according to the release. "Evidence of MacDonald growing marijuana in his residence was also located."

According to the release, "the grenades had been emptied of powder. ... The grenades could be easily converted into live grenades by adding powder and sealing the grenade. The grenades still contained firing fuses." The grenades and four firearms were seized, LBPD Chief Flint Wright said. "As far as we know, all the weapons were legal," he said.

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