2008 Evening of Excellence awards Naselle-Grays River Valley students

<I>MARILYN STRANGE photo</I><BR>Pictured: left to right back row: Kyle Mullins (2008 Naselle High School Musical Achievement Award), Kevin Schei (2008 John Philip Sousa Award), Kevin Maki and Jessica Sawtell (2008 American Legion Citizenship Award)Front: Sylvia Herrold (Elenora Hillis Award) and Shelby Leeland (2008 National School Choral Award) and (Patty Wiss Memorial). Not pictured: Kyle Burkhalter (Bob Chamberlain Award)

NASELLE - The largest presentation of awards to all grade levels of students in the Naselle-Grays River Valley School District took place with the Evening of Excellence Awards program on Wednesday, May 28. Students from kindergarten through the 12th grade received awards for their academic achievements during the school year.

Elementary Academic Awards

Kindergarten - Mrs. Holt: Haley Dearmore, Ethan Lindstrom, Jack Ruch, Cooper Miller

1st Grade - Mrs. Smith: Math: Santana DeLeon, Reading: Gage Johnson,

Spelling/Penmanship: Jacob Eaton, Writing: Parker Dalton, All-around: Cole Dorman

2nd Grade - Mrs. Macy: Reading: Jonas Routtu, Math: Donovin Edwards,

Emma Spurbeck, All-around: Shannon Christie, Steve Blain

3rd Grade - Mrs. Lanz: Ellie Chapman, Isabel Zimmerman, Raja Estes, Cameron Birch, Kyle Strange, Kyle Birge

4th Grade - Mrs. Erickson:Taylor Eaton, Jake Clark, Kendra Leeland, Emily Bjornsgard

5th Grade - Mr. Williams: Emily Gjovik, Monica Galbraith, Olivia Zimmerman, Abigail Bennett, Madison Wirkkala, Franco Smith

Mr. Clark - Elementary PE: Cole Dorman (1st), Shannon Christie, Carson Bergeson (2nd), Isabel Zimmerman (3rd), Derek Jarrett, (4th, Adrian Corona, Connor See (5th), Jake Williams (6th)

Middle School/High School Awards

6th Grade - Mrs. Karshner: World Geography: Karianne Condon, Language Arts: Nick Strange, Science: Katie Green, Math: Haley Pine

Elocution Contest Finals (top 3 from the class)

1st Grade: Santana DeLeon, Sophie Scrabeck, Parker Dalton

2nd Grade: Michelle Carter, Shannon Christie, Micah Cenci

3rd Grade: Jacob Routtu, Ellie Chapman, Raja Estes

4th Grade: Makayla Matthews, Taylor Eaton, Ramzi Estes

5th Grade: Monica Galbraith, Emily Gjovik, Skyler York

6th Grade: Paige Hammonds, Keenan Keeley, Karianne Condon

7th Grade: Makenzie Matthews, JP Cooley, Troy Davis

8th Grade: Bonnie Ruch, Tasha Stenvall, Keeley McGuire

2008 Science Fair Awards (Honor Awards and Judges' Choice)

2nd Grade: Austin Shrives, Micah Cenci, Shannon Christie

3rd Grade: Kyryn Jacot, Elyssa Hale, Jacqueline Jarrett, Kyle Birge

4th Grade: Skylar Lamberton, Emily Bjornsgard, Emma Fauver

5th Grade: Abigail Bennett, Emily Gjovik, Robyn Lavin

6th Grade: Katie Green, Jake Williams, Tom Littau, Karianne Condon, Katelyn Magie

7th Grade: Nathan Spurbeck, Levi Wasmundt, Chandler Chapman, Jake Condon, Danielle Larson, Mary Wirkkala

8th Grade: Amber Wirkkala, Austin Smith, Tasha Stenvall

Introduction to Physical Science: Nicole Tarabochia, Haleigh See, Taylor Wasmundt, Kaelee Dearmore, Nathan Reitz, Leonel Mendoza, Ollie Baker, Cody Cooley

Biology: Orianne Condon, Alan Erickson, Jodi Christie

Physics: Toni Mullins, Gabe See, Rebecca Rostad

National Honor Society

Sophomores: Alan Erickson, Karli Nelson, Drew Macy, Emily Green, Calen Thompson, Nicole Laney, Orianne Condon

Juniors: Toni Mullins, Rebecca Rostad, Shelby Leeland, Conor Smith, Risa Fletcher, Alex Bennett, Mercedes Barnes, Gabriel See, Emma Fauver, Stephan Griss

Seniors: Stephanie Wise, Sylvia Herrold, Kevin Schei, Ashley Ahlstrom, Logan Hazen

Middle/High School Awards by staff member

Ms. Denny - 7th English: Mary Wirkkala, 8th Literature: Alana Darcher, Pre-Algebra: Patrick Anderson, 7th Fitness & Health: Danielle Larson, Levi Wasmundt, 9th Fitness & Health: Taylor Wasmundt

Mr. Tienhaara - 7th grade Math: Mary Wirkkala, Algebra I - Taylor Wasmundt, Advanced Math - Alan Erickson

Mr. Macy - World History: Emily Green, Alan Erickson, 7th History: Mary Wirkkala, Jake Condon, 8th math: Trevin Leeland, Tara Joyce

Mrs. Dearmore - 9th Grade: Spanish I - Kyle Mullins, 10th Grade Spanish I - Drew Macy, Spanish II - Shelby Leeland, Toni Mullins

Mr. Wise - Freshmen Award: Ollie Baker, Sophomore Award - Cody Larson, Junior Award - Tyler Smith

Mr. Smith - 7th grade: Mary Wirkkala, Levi Wasmundt,, 8th grade Science-Alana Darcher, Projects-Keeley McGuire, IPS-Taylor Wasmundt and Cody Cooley, Biology-Alan Erickson, Calen Thompson, Physics-Toni Mullins and Rebecca Rostad

Mr. Dalton - Communications: Trevin Leeland, Fitness & Health: Jesus Martinez, Hannah Deblois, PNW: Amber Wirkkala, Publications: Toni Mullins

Mr. Clark - U.S. History: Toni Mullins

Mr. Nelson - MS shop: Chandler Chapman (industrious), Makenzie Matthews (design), Jake Condon (meticulous), Work-based Learning: Ashley Ahlstrom, Technology: Emily Green, Choices: Airi Kondo, Nathan Reitz, Manufacturing Technology: Alan Erickson, Patrick Robinson

Mr. Moten - Horticulture: Mercedes Barnes

Senior Awards

The 2008 Naselle High School Musical Achievement Award to Kyle Mullins

The 2008 National School Choral Award to Shelby Leeland

The 2008 John Philip Sousa Award for outstanding musical performance to Kevin Schei

The 2008 American Legion Citizenship Awardis presented to Kevin Maki and Jessica Sawtell

The Elenora Hillis Award to Sylvia Herrold.

The Patty Wiss Memorial is awarded each year to a junior or senior girl - to Shelby Leeland.

The Bob Chamberlain Award is presented each year to a male senior - to Kyle Burkhalter.

Senior Academic Subject Area Awards

English IV: Kevin Schei

Mathematics (Calculus I and II): Kevin Schei

Science (Chemistry and Physics): Kevin Schei

Contemporary World Problems: Kevin Schei

High School Band: Kevin Schei

Spanish: Ashley Ahlstrom

Technology: Narci Carlson

Publications: Narci Carlson

Senior Projects: Narci Carlson and Tiana Witwer

Career and Technical Education: Tiana Witwer

Performing Arts: Kyle Burkhalter and Jessica Sawtell

Work Based Learning: Jason Gradt and Ashley Ahlstrom

Natural Resources: Taylor Gilbert

Cross Age Linking: Kevin Maki

In addition, several scholarships were awarded to seniors. Those scholarships will be reported with the list of seniors receiving scholarships at the Naselle High School commencement exercises next week.

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