ILWACO — Ilwaco households may see more fluctuations in their sewer bills in the coming months following the Ilwaco City Council April 22 decision to recalculate residential averages more often.

    Councilman Fred Marshall presented the council with an ordinance and resolution to amend the city’s procedure in residential sewer rate averaging so that the averages could be updated semi-annually rather annually. Residential sewer rates are calculated through averaging a home’s water usage in the months of April, May, October and November.

    Marshall said the change would be beneficial to customers who make an effort to decrease their water consumption or households that may have downsized since their initial rate was established. Councilors approved the amendment four votes to one.

    With three votes to two, the council authorized the mayor to approve a $15,319.62 change order for additional excavation and fill needed to remedy an excessive moisture problem that arose during the School Road improvement project. The change order increased the total costs of the contract with Nova Contracting to $591,544. The project is funded by the Transportation Improvement Board.

    The council also authorized the mayor to award a bid to repair Indian Creek area watershed culverts with slip lining. Treasurer Elaine McMillan said the city’s engineer did a walk through with nine contractors and the city received four bids, with Lindstrom & Son Construction submitting the lowest bid at $9,589. With engineering costs, the project is expected to cost about $15,589 and be paid with grant funds.

    In other discussion, councilman Gary Forner raised concerns about the city’s amount of lost water for the month of March. He said the city had produced 1 million gallons of water and half that amount was considered lost water. He suggested the city look into rectifying the problem, as the water loss has resulted in each citizen paying an additional $33 to make up for the loss.

    The council also discussed proposed updates to the city’s personnel policy and sending a letter to Gov. Jay Inslee to express support of Engrossed Senate Bill 5603, which establishes the Washington coast marine advisory council.

    In other news, Mayor Mike Cassinelli announced that all but one of the council seats is up for election this year and that candidates can file for office May 13 through May 17.

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