Expert pediatrician with deep roots in Seaview joining hospital staff

Dr. John Gevurtz

ILWACO - Ocean Beach Hospital and Medical Clinics last week announced the arrival of Dr. John Gevurtz, a pediatrician, to the Peninsula.

Expressing his love for and connection with the area, Dr. Gevurtz said "My family has a long history in the area. My grandfather, Isaac, came to this country from Poland and my grandmother, Cecile, was from Germany. They owned a furniture business in Portland and helped establish the town of Seaview, buying one of the first homes here. That home is still standing today."

He relayed a story about how much more remote the area was at that time. "In 1893 when my grandmother went into labor with my father, she had to take a boat and then a train to arrive at the Portland hospital for delivery."

Dr. Gevurtz obtained his B.A. degree at Stanford University, received his medical training and M.D. degree from Oregon Health Science University, Portland, in 1962. Throughout his medical career Dr. Gevurtz has practiced at New England Medical Center as well as Oregon Health Science University, where he studied neonatal intensive care and intermediate care. In addition, he studied pediatric endocrinology at the University of Wisconsin Medical School and began his private practice in 1971.

Dr. Gevurtz is currently an active staff member at Meridian Park Hospital in Tualatin, Emanuel Hospital and Health Center, and Oregon Health Science University in Portland.

Dr. Gevurtz, along with his wife, Myra, own a home in Sea-view and have been vacationing here with their children, for many years.

"I am looking forward to serving in this community," he said.

Jim Robertson, CEO explained "Having a local pediatrician has been one of our service goals. We are very excited to have Dr. Gevurtz join our medical team."

To schedule a pediatric appointment with Dr. Gevurtz, call Ocean Beach Medical Clinic at 642-3747.

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