NASELLE - The annual Naselle Finnish-American Folk Festival Tour of Homes will be held Sunday, Dec. 12. The home tour will be combined with a Christmas concert at the Deep River Pioneer Lutheran Church and a soup supper at the Naselle Lutheran Church.

The day's events will open with a 1 p.m. Christmas concert at the Deep River Pioneer Church. The Tour of Homes will follow, beginning at 2 p.m. and concluding at 5 p.m. The final event of the day will be a soup supper served from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Naselle Lutheran Church, with the supper prepared by the Priscilla Circle.

The Tour of Homes will feature five homes from Grays River to Naselle, including three historically restored homes and two of newer construction. For persons attending the concert at the Deep River Church, the Home Tour route that will probably be the easiest to follow will be to either go to the Grays River valley home of Rocky and Darlene Ertzberger at 404 Barr Road or cross over into the Salmon Creek valley to the home(s) of Cliff and Kay Weimer and Dave and Kristi Leeland at 22 Salmon Creek Naselle CTO Road. Also out toward the Rosburg-Grays River area is the home of Philip and Linda Amaya, 187 Eden Valley Rd.

Continuing on the CTO Road puts one into the Naselle River valley where the other three homes on the tour are located. The home of Bill and Jeanette Grimsberg at 135 North Valley Rd. is the closest of the three Naselle homes to the Salmon Creek and Grays River areas. Continuing toward beautiful downtown Naselle, the home of Alan and Diane Bennett is at 50 Whealdon Rd., just off South Valley Road near Peaceful Hill Cemetery. The home that is the farthest west on the tour is the home of Bill and Debbie Littlefield at 9 Koven Road, a short distance down the Parpala Road from its intersection with State Highway 401 at the Naselle Timberland Library corner.

The soup supper will be held at the Naselle Lutheran Church at 308 Knappton Rd., across Highway 401 from the library, across the Knappton Road from The Bank of the Pacific.

The charge for the Tour of Homes is $5. Tickets and maps will be available at Finn Ware, Astoria; Hair Villa, Naselle; and Radio Shack, Seaview. Maps and tickets will also be available at the Deep River Church and at each of the homes. Proceeds of the tour will go toward the expenses of Finn Am/Finn Fest USA 2006.

The concert at the Deep River Church is free with an option of a donation. The soup supper will be by donation to the Priscilla Circle of the Naselle Lutheran Church. This is not "sponsored" by FAFF, but is held "in conjunction with."

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