NASELLE - The month of October was a relatively dry and warm month as measured at the Naselle Hatchery - until the middle of the month, that is. The first 15 days remained almost summer-like with a high temperature of 83 on Oct. 2 and seven days with temperatures climbing into the 70s, with twin highs of 78 on the 13th and 14th.

The rainfall was generally moderate with eight days of no rainfall in the first 13 days. During four of the five days that it rained in the first half month, however, it rained quite hard when it did come down. Daily totals of .82, .64, 1.32 and .43 inches were measured during those days.

Fall was definitely in the air - and when fall started, it came with a bang. The average temperature dropped 14 to 21 degrees. The temperatures went from a high of 78 on the 14th to a high of 64 on the 15th and 57 on the 16th and the high temperature did not get above 65 for the rest of the month. The monthly low temperature of 35 degrees was recorded on the last night of the month.

The rainfall started on the 14th and it didn't let up much for the rest of October. The month's daily high rainfall was recorded as 3.00 inches on Oct. 16. A rainfall of 1.64 inches fell on the 18th and the rain settled into a steady drizzle, drip and downpour, culminating in a measurement of 1.09 inches on Oct. 30. The rain continued right into the new month with almost two inches falling in the 24 hours ending Monday morning, Nov. 1.

The month's total rainfall came in at 12.37 inches, 2.31 inches more than the 10.06 inches which is the 25-year October average. The high October rainfall was 20.10 inches in 1997 when one of the highest yearly rainfall totals was measured at the hatchery. The lowest October rainfall was 0.56 of an inch recorded in 1987.

The total yearly rainfall for the first 10 months of 2004 is now 75.45 inches, more than four inches less than the 10 month's average of 80.07 inches.

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