FBI uses radar for final search of Knotek property

<I>DON KRAMER photo</I><BR>FBI technicians confer in front of the home of David and Michelle Knotek Thursday before continuing their painstaking search of the property. County prosecutor David Burke argued in court Tuesday that the crime scene be released, but Superior Court Judge Joel Penoyar ordered the sheriff to continue security at the scene through Monday, Sept. 1

RAYMOND - Federal Bureau of Investigation technicians used state-of-the-art forensics technology last week to ensure no evidence had been overlooked at a crime scene in the county's most high-profile murder case in memory.

Agents from the FBI's evidence response team used ground-penetrating radar Thursday afternoon to perform a final sweep over the property of defendants David and Michelle Knotek on Monohon Landing Road east of Raymond.

Sheriff's Deputy Pat Lynn, case manager and lead investigator in the case, said in court Tuesday that portions of a deck at the residence were removed to allow the radar to take readings.

"They [the FBI technicians] are there to help us make absolutely sure we didn't miss anything," said Sheriff John Didion. "[The equipment] will help sort and track information."

The technicians arrived earlier in the week to install software and train Pacific County Sheriff's office personnel on use and interpretation of the results generated by the radar. The federal team itself, however, performed the search at the crime scene.

The FBI assistance represents efforts by the county to thoroughly process the evidence as quickly as possible. Crime scenes in the Knotek case have required round-the-clock security that translates to fewer deputies available to perform their normal responsibilities.

Didion is anxious to release crime scenes in the case to free up his deputies and supporting personnel. The sheriff said the FBI evidence response team's final sweep of the property should help speed along the process. "We really appreciate the assistance they've given us," Didion said.

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