NASELLE - The month of February turned out to be a rather benign winter weather month, at least as documented at the Naselle Hatchery. While the rainfall total of 15.69 inches topped the 25-year February average of 14.44 inches, all in all, it was a rather mild winter weather month for the Naselle area.

The first two weeks saw relatively little rainfall with less than two inches of rainfall in that time period. The temperatures were relatively mild also with the month's low of 24 degrees recorded on the first night of the month, but balanced out with the month's high reading of 62 degrees on the fifth.

Things picked up a little weather-wise from mid-month on as a series of relatively minor storms blew in about once a week. Those storms brought in rainfall measuring more than two inches on two separate days - 2.60 inches on Feb. 19 and 2.06 inches on Feb. 25 - plus four more days with an inch of rain or more during the final 18 days of the month. The relatively steady rainfall, with only five dry days out of the 28-day month, was persistent enough to bring in the total rainfall which exceeded the monthly average.

Near the end of the month, "tournament weather" also re-appeared with a sniff of local snowfall on a couple of days just about the time that people were beginning to think about driving to the various game sites in the Southwest Washington District and also planning for the trip over the mountain to Spokane for the late February and early March state basketball tournament.

Through all of the late winter weather, spring was definitely in the air as the daffodils were blooming and the hummingbirds were returning to the valley.

ESA Alpha Theta quilts on display

NASELLE - ESA Alpha Theta has quilts on display at the Naselle library through the end of March. The library is located at 4 Parpala Road in Naselle. Call 484-3877 for more information.

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