SURFSIDE — “Due to the low number of complaints that were being received, a full-time compliance officer was not a fiscally responsible decision. At this time with the low volume of complaints, we are functioning without a compliance officer position. We are processing all complaints with our present staff,” Business Manager for Surfside Homeowners Association (SHOA) Sara Chase explained.

“With the hiring of Bill Neal as water services superintendent we are now using the position description of business manager as opposed to general manager, again this was a fiscally sound decision. The duties of water field superintendent and business manager encompass all of the services offered to our members.” Barbara Robinson had been SHOA’s general manager, but upon her retirement the position was not filled.

Chase said, “The Surfside business office is still the front line for all questions and concerns of our members. Our goal is to provide quality services to all our members. Surfside Estates is a great place to live and work. I have been a homeowner in Surfside since 1985.” The business office telephone number is 665-4171 and the SHOA website is

Amenities within SHOA include several cabanas located on lakes and canals, walking bridges over waterways and trails to access the beach. The association stocks a warm water fishery on the canals and lakes. Trash compaction and disposal are provided at no additional charges to members.

An RV storage lot allows low cost storage of vehicles. Water service is included in member dues and assessments. The association employs a deputy sheriff to provide increased security and traffic enforcement. Covenants apply to construction and common good-neighbor practices. SHOA office provides administrative offices as well as meeting facilities.

SHOA is private and non-profit with nearly 2,000 members who own about 2,800 lots with many members owning more than one lot. It has a budget of over $1 million per year. It employs 10 people who are responsible for water system and grounds maintenance, covenant enforcement, trash compaction, member services and volunteer committee support.

The association is governed by a nine-member board of trustees and has volunteer committees which include architectural, grievance, tree and noxious weed, fish and waterways and emergency planning.

“I worked for the Ocean Beach School District in several positions for over 18 years. I started at the Ilwaco High School as secretary and ended as district accounts payable clerk. I retired for two years and when a part-time job with Surfside Homeowners was open I could not resist the call,” Chase said. 

“Then that position evolved into Business Manager and I hope to fill that position to the best of my ability and serve my fellow Surfside members faithfully.”

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