Fire seriously damages Long Beach vacation house

<I>DAMIAN MULINIX photo</I><BR>Firefighters from both the Long Beach and Ilwaco volunteer fire departments helped extinguish the blaze which claimed the home at N. 13th and Washington streets last Tuesday.

LONG BEACH - Around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday Dec. 30, the Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire call on the corner of N. 13th and Washington streets. The fire produced large plumes of smoke and flames that engulfed the inside of the small structure.

"We fought the fire the best we could and put it out," said Dave Glasson, assistant fire chief for the LBVFD.

The LBVFD received assistance from the Ilwaco Volunteer Fire Department, as well as a few firefighters from Fire District No. 1 who were in the area and wanted to help, including Steve Goble.

"We were shorthanded at the beginning (of the fire)," said Glasson. "He's just one of those kind of guys, always willing to help out."

Long Beach Police also responded to the fire - the smoke from which could be seen from several blocks away.

Glasson said he believed that the building was a summer home belonging to Robert and Vivian Harrelson of Clear Lake, Calif. Mr. Harrelson recently passed away and Vivian has moved into a nursing home in California.

Upon investigation of the fire scene, with the help of Brad Weatherby of Fire District No. 1, it was thought that the cause of the fire was electrical in nature. A can of white gas, used for camping stoves, was found inside the small house, but deemed as not being what started the fire which critically damaged the small house, which is now boarded up.

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