South Pacific County Food Inspection Report April through June 2007

License Business Action Notation Date

L0037LB Rod's Lamplighter Violation 0-Red, 5-Blue 4/4

L0105LB Lightship Restaurant Violation 15-Red, 0-Blue 4/6

L0026LB Shelburne Inn Violation 5-Red, 0-Blue 5/25

L0055LB The Depot Rest. Violation 5-Red, 0-Blue 5/31

L0103LB Hungry Harbor Violation 5-Red, 0-Blue 5/21

L0116LB Six Card Charlie's Violation 0-Red, 5-Blue 5/31

L0008LB Sand Dollar Deli Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/7

L0015LB Geo. Johnson House Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/15

L0016LB Lions Paw Inn Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/15

L0042LB Pac Salmon Charters Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/12

L0071LB Jessie's Ilwaco Fish Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/5

L0085LB Aerie Restaurant Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/26

L0095LB Dunes Bible Camp Violation 0-Red, 3-Blue 6/15

L0133LB Sea Sport Fishing Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/12

L0240LB Just Treasures Violation 10-Red, 0-Blue 6/15

L0242LB Doupe's Fire& Ice Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/12

L0244LB The Rocket Diner Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/15

L0249LB Chinook Bait/Tackle Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/6

L0252LB Café Akari Approved Approved to Open 6/15

North Pacific County Food Inspection Report April through June 2007

License Business Action Notation Date

L1187 Espresso Zone Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 4/27

L1202 River View Dining Violation 10-Red, 0-Blue 4/3

L0064 Raymond Elks Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 5/10

L1147 VFW Post No. 968 Violation 5-Red, 0-Blue 5/10

L0052 Marsalees Comm. Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/7

L1168 Frat. Order of Eagles Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/28

L1205 Bay Center KOA Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/28

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