South Pacific County - June 2006License Business Action Notation Date

L0074LB T.H.C. Organic Market Approved Approved to open 6/5/06

L0106LB Linda Brand Crab Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/19/06

L0117LB Pacific Holiday RV Park Approved 0-Red, 0-Blue 6/19/06

L0137LB Chinook Restaurant Lounge Violation 5-Red, 10-Blue 6/30

NOTE: Scores are based on random routine inspections of the food service facilities.

Red Critical Item Scores: Focus on the top eight priority inspection items which are directly related to food-borne illness. They are 1) Approved food sources, 2) Foods protected from cross contamination, 3) Foods protected from contamination by workers, 4) Foods protected from contamination by chemicals, 5) Proper cooling and refrigeration, 6) Proper cooking, re-heating and hot holding, 7) Temperature control and monitoring, and 8) Proper hand-washing by workers. Ranking Red Critical Item scores and potential for causing food-borne illness: Low Hazard 0-20 range, Moderate Hazard 21-49 range , High Hazard 50-74 range and Extreme Hazard 75 or above range.

Blue Critical Item Scores: Related to the sanitation level of a food service. They are of concern, but generally are not directly related to causing food-borne illness. Examples of Blue Item violations would be: Floors, walls, etc. not properly cleaned, improper sanitizing of food contact equipment or surfaces, improper dishwashing and improper food worker training.

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