Forty five students take part in Teens Against Tobacco Use training

Scott Clardy, Travis Wright, Amanda Bryd, Ashley Chase and Hannah Whitlow participate in a team building exercise.

LONG BEACH - Approximately 45 students from Pacific, Lewis and Wahkiakum counties participated in a Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU)/Speak-Out training held at the Edgewater Inn in Long Beach on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Students who had not previously attended a prevention training attended the TATU portion. More experienced students attended the Speak-Out portion of the training.

Katie Lindstom from the Pacific County Health Department coordinated the event.

Teen Against Tobacco Use is sponsored by the American Lung Association. Students learned how to work together with other teens to educate younger students and their peers about the dangers of tobacco use.

The Speak-Out was sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The Speak-Out focused on advocacy and leadership skills and was a place to assist youth leaders and their advisors in building strong youth coalitions that work to prevent cancer through tobacco education, nutrition, physical activity and school health advocacy.

Lunch was provided by the Pacific County Health Department.

Local student participants included, from Ilwaco High School - Scott Clardy, Travis Wright, Hannah Whitlow, Amanda Bryd, Samantha Christy, Ashley Chase, Melanie Hughes, Darren Cuffle, Sydney Taylor, Whitney Wofford and Breanna Breckenridge; from Naselle High School - Jessica Sawtell and Sarah Maki; from Ilwaco Middle School - Felecia Fox, Emily MacDonald, Ashley Hughes, Bailee Rogers, August Davenport, Tishina Gray, Samantha Wright, Lindsey Wofford and Tyleah Cain; from Naselle Middle School - Keith Reitz, Katie Olson and Paige Hammond.

For more information about other TATU programs call Katie at 360-875-9343 or 642-9349.

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