OCEAN PARK - Principal Betty Arne announced that the parent support group, Friends of Ocean Park School (FOOPS), is "up and running" and planning two fundraisers for November and December.

A cookie dough sale will begin Nov. 19 and students will bring home information describing the sale and prizes. All orders will be due on Nov. 30 and will be delivered Dec. 7 in plenty of time to do holiday baking. The top 10 sellers will be treated to a special pizza lunch with Arne, as well as other prizes.

The second fundraiser is Santa's Secret Shop, a chance for students to purchase inexpensive gifts for family and friends. Sale preview will be Dec. 11 and students may purchase gifts Dec. 12 and 13. Also on the Ocean Park Elementary calendar is Heritage Day scheduled for Nov. 21.

On the education front, fall conferences begin Tuesday and Arne says, "We hope to have 100 percent participation. This is an opportune time to meet with your child's teacher to review their academic, personal and social growth."

In class news Kip Meinhardt's physical education program recently begana unit on throwing and target game skills. He says, "Students at all grade levels work to learn and practice proper throwing and catching form. Our unit is based primarily around bowling, a game that is played and popular in all parts of the country. Kids are practicing vocabulary words associated with the game as well as learning new skills."

Sally Strom's fifth grade class is finishing their FOSS Science kit "Food and Nutrition." She says, "We have studied fats in the human diet and conducted a fat search using the brown-paper technique. Students also used yeast metabolism as an indicator of the presence of sugar in foods. They experimented with different kinds of cereals and related the amount of gas produced by yeast to the amount of sugar in the cereal. Their favorite test seemed to be the acid test."

Indophenols was used to indicate the presence of vitamin C. Students added fruit juices to the Indophenols until the liquid turned clear. Another favorite was adding vinegar or fruit juices with a syringe to a container with baking soda. "You might say we had a blast with that one," Strom concludes.

Arne reminds parents that if they make purchases at Office Depot and mention Ocean Park Elementary the school receives a five percent donation through their "Back to School" program.

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