PACIFIC COUNTY — Candidates must file for the Nov. 5 General Election next week, with many local offices up for grabs.

Pacific County Filing Week will last from 9 a.m. on Monday, May 13 through 4 p.m. on Friday, May 17. Judge, city, school district, port, hospital, fire district, water district and sewer district positions will be open to candidates.

Candidates must be registered voters and meet residency requirements. Questions about filing for the 2019 election can be directed to the Pacific County Auditor’s Elections Department at 360-875-9317.


Court of Appeals Judge Anne Cruser can run for re-election, for a three-year term. Pacific and Wahkiakum Superior Court Judge Donald Richter is running for a one-year term after being appointed late last year by the governor to fill a vacancy.

City councils

Council seats will be on ballots for Ilwaco, Long Beach, Raymond and South Bend.

In Ilwaco, Matthew Lessnau and Kristen Mathison can choose to run for a four-year re-election term. Kenneth Sprague, who joined the council by appointment in 2018, can run for election to finish out his seat’s two-year term. The council also faces a vacancy for Jared Oakes’ previous seat, which he resigned from earlier this year.

Long Beach Mayor Jerry Phillips can choose whether to run for re-election, as well as Councilors Steven Linhart, Tina McGuire and Del Murry. All positions last four years.

In Raymond, Councilors Colby Rogers, Ian Farrell and Pam Nogueira can choose to run for re-election. South Bend Councilors Daryle Buchanan and Clarence Williams can run for re-election. All seats last four years.

School districts

Ocean Beach School District Board Directors Kathleen Mathews, Don Zuern and Michael Robinson’s seats will be on the 2019 ballot. Mathews and Robinson announced earlier this year they won’t run for re-election. Terms last four years.

Jim Olsen, Kim Rumbles and Ron Bell of Raymond School District can run for re-election. Terms last for four years, except Olsen’s which is for two years.

David Eastham, Steve Rogers and Todd Strozyk of South Bend School District can choose to run for re-election for another four-year director term.

Richard (Nick) Nikkila and Chuck Hendrickson of Naselle-Grays River Valley School District can choose to run for re-election. Terms last four years.

Andrew Portmann and Eric Clements of Willapa Valley School District can run for a four-year appointment. David Frasier, Alyssa Rowlett and Tyson Wetterauer can run for two-year terms.

James Banas and Robin Gumaelius of North River School District can run for four-year terms.


Port commissioner seats for Chinook, Ilwaco, Port of Peninsula and Willapa Harbor will be up for consideration.

Commissioners up for re-election include Gary Kobes of Port of Chinook; Steve Newell and Al “Butch” Smith of Port of Ilwaco; William Derion of Port of Peninsula; and Todd Stephens of Port of Willapa Harbor. All commissioner positions but Newell’s last for six years. Newell’s term lasts for two years.

Fire districts

Fire District #1 (Ocean Park), #2 (Chinook), #3 (Raymond), #4 (Naselle), #5 (Tokeland), #6 (Bay Center), #7 (Nemah) and #8 (South Bend) have commissioner positions opening up.

Commissioners up for re-election include Dennis Long (FD #1); Leslie Colvin and Allen Wainamo (FD #2); Tyson Wetterauer (FD #3); Clifford Kilponen (FD #4); Brian Schlegel (FD #5); Glenn Killingbeck (FD #6); and Nancy Robinson (FD #7). A vacant FD #8 seat is also available. Terms last either four or six years.


Willapa Harbor Hospital Commissioners David Vetter and Toni Williams can run for re-election. Ocean Beach Hospital Commissioners Sandra Stonebreaker and Steven Linhart can also run for re-election. All seat positions last for six years, except for Williams’, which lasts four years.

Water, sewer districts

Water district commissioners Jacob Moore (Chinook), Glenn Ripley (North Beach) and Sherman Pollard (Willapa Valley) can run for re-election. Seaview Sewer District Commissioner Carol Glenn can also run for re-election. All terms last six years.

Alyssa Evans is a staff writer for the Chinook Observer. Contact her at 360-642-8181 or

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