Gretchen Sagen runs for county clerk

Gretchen Sagen runs for county clerk

PACIFIC COUNTY - Third generation Pacific County resident Gretchen Sagen of Raymond has thrown her hat into the political ring. After 12 years at city and county levels of government, she is seeking election as Pacific County clerk.

Sagen graduated from Raymond High School in 1988. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an Accounting minor from Central Washington University, she returned home to Raymond to raise her son, Anthony. For the past 8 years, Gretchen has worked at the City of Raymond, currently as an Administrative Assistant to the Clerk/Treasurer. Previous employment was at Pacific County WSU Cooperative Extension and Pacific County Conservation District in administrative positions.

"I have a keen interest in law and this is the perfect opportunity for me to further that interest in a career path that matches my work experience and education. I am familiar and qualified with record management, filing of legal documents, court receipting and the budgeting and accounting process of local government." Sagen further explained her bold decision to seek public office. "My roots are deep in Pacific County. My family has owned and operated Sagen Pharmacy for over 50 years. I am interested in serving in county government because this is my family's home and I would like to contribute to improving the operation of our County Clerk's Office."

The county clerk services the Superior Court and the public as a result of being elected to the position. The Washington State Constitution established the county clerk position to create a separation of the powers between the keeper of the court records and the judiciary. Sagen is running on the ballot as a Republican.

Friends to Elect Gretchen Sagen effort is led by Cindi Stallard and Pebbles Williams of Raymond. Carol Peterson serves as Treasurer. Gretchen Sagen's campaign can be contacted at 360-942-2086.

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