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RAYMOND, Wash. - Appointed state Sen. Brian RAYMOND, Wash. - Appointed state Sen. Brian Hatfield was elected by voters with a 75 percent victory Tuesday night, just two days after his wife died of breast cancer.

His was one of only two Senate seats on the Washington ballot. The other seat was easily retained by a Republican appointee, Curtis King of Yakima by a similar percentage.

Hatfield earned 13,455 votes in the four counties to 4,386 to his opponent, Jesse Ashe, a Kelso, Wash., Republican. In Pacific County, the vote was 4,308 for (76 percent) to 1,349.

Hatfield was appointed to the position a year ago after the resignation of Mark Doumit. He was running to complete the final year of a four-year term

Hatfield's wife, "Freddie," 38, died Sunday after a recurrence of breast cancer. He had left his House seat after 10 years, in part, because of his wife's illness, but sought the Senate appointment when her cancer appeared to be in remission. A graveside service will be held in Menlo, Wash., Nov. 13.

Ilwaco voters retained incumbent Mike Cassinelli for a City Council seat. He easily defeated challenger Don Parsons by 136 votes (60.9 percent) to 87.

Results announced Tuesday night will be subject to validation as absentee votes are counted. Unlike Oregon, postmarks do count in Washington elections.

All three incumbent Ocean Beach School Board members, Marilyn Sheldon of Ocean Park, Kim Patten of Long Beach and appointee Sandra Stonebreaker of Ocean Park are unopposed. Incumbents Nancy Campiche and Garnette Sutherland were unopposed for six-year terms on the Ilwaco-area hospital district board.

Bob Andrew was unopposed to become the new mayor of Long Beach. He takes over from City Council member Ralph Moore, who has been holding the gavel since Ken Ramsay resigned.

Washington voters supported five of the six state ballot measures. The one that failed was the attempt to remove the "supermajority" requirement in some property tax elections.

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