CAPE D - It doesn't seem possible that a dank, dark bunker could be any more gloomy and scary than it already is, but at Cape Disappointment this very bunker is undergoing a transformation.

Smoke, loud music and strobe lights will combine, turning six rooms and two mazes into a Halloween experience designed to elicit screams and gasps of terror from all who dare enter.

The bunker will be open Oct. 28 to 31 from 7 to 10 p.m., but the closing hour may be extended beyond 10 p.m. depending on the number of people waiting to get in.

"Enter at your own risk" signs will be posted outside the bunker. Parents will have the option to preview the bunker prior to determine the "scare appropriate" level for their children.

Cape Disappointment's haunted bunker continues to grow in popularity. Last year 2,500 visitors, some from as far away as Seattle, came to check out the eerie offering.

Admission to the bunker is free, but canned food donations or cash will be accepted. Each year a different local food bank is selected to be the recipient of the canned goods gathered. In addition, the American Legion will be selling hot dogs and treats. Proceeds will be donated to charity. Parking is at the Fort Canby boat ramp. A free shuttle to the bunker will be provided.

Special thanks go out to the following businesses for their support: Active Enterprises, Box K Auto, Cape Disappointment State Park, Circle of Life, Dennis Company, Ford Electric, Jessie's Ilwaco Fish Company, Nick's West, Peninsula Golf Course, Port of Ilwaco, Rod's Lamplighter, Sid's IGA, and Universal Service and Fabrication.

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