NASELLE — The Naselle class of 2022 included fewer than two dozen students, but still brought athletic and academic acclaim to a small town through effort and determination.

Twenty-two graduates received their diplomas during a ceremony on Saturday, June 11 at Lyle Patterson Gymnasium in Naselle.

Following a welcoming address by salutatorian Joshua Chadwick, class speaker and valedictorian Grace Hunt reminisced about the past 12 years as a Naselle student while looking toward the future.

“I’m lucky that saying goodbye is this hard,” Hunt said.

“I’m grateful for my experience. My class proved that the heart and grit of Naselle can get us anywhere. A couple trophies and state championships later, the athletes made sure nobody would pronounce it ‘Nay-sal’ ever again. Not only did baseball players put us on the map, but just last week our robotics team competed in Maryland and made sure this small town in Southwest Washington would be known on a national level.”

Several individual students were honored with awards and scholarships. Award honorees included:

American Legion: Joshua Chadwick

Citizenship Award: Grace Hunt

Elenora Hillis Award: Peyton Dalton

John Philip Sousa Award: Joshua Chadwick

Bob Chamberlin Award: Joey Strange

Patty Wiss Memorial Award: Mia Watson

Musical Achievement Award: Theron Frame

Department Honors were awarded to: Theron Flame, English; Ryan Waltemate and Peyton Dalton, Social Studies; Grace Hunt, Science; Joshua Chadwick, Mathematics; Orlando Salazar Flores, Career & Technical Education; Joey Strange and Jayna Bradley, Health & Fitness; Jack D’Agostino, Fine & Performing Arts.

The class motto: “Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”

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