Humane Society Pet Report: Jo-Jo is very ready to 'a-go-go'


This handsome young yellow lab/hound mix was found in another county, all alone and nine miles up a logging road. He had been there a while, because he was so starved that he had to be boarded with a veterinarian who gave him the TLC and good nutrition he needed to survive.

Well, he more than survived, he thrived! He definitely put on some weight, but could stand to gain a few more pounds. But, "playful energy" is this guy's middle name, and the shelter staff and volunteers have become quite smitten with him.

He has an almost cat-like mischievous streak, and when the staff lets him "help" clean the dog runs at the end of the day, he goes into his "zoomie" mode, pulling all the just-folded and placed dog run blankets out of the houses and roaring around with them. Jo-Jo is also talented at pulling at the mops in use, and gathers any toys left in the runs.

In other words, he has a lot of fun energy, and would love to be in an active home where he could be someone's running or hiking partner. He does, however, definitely have an affectionate side, and is eager to please and quick to learn.

If given the chance, young Jo-Jo would make a wonderful, loyal companion for someone. Could you be his someone and give him a chance at a new life? Come and meet Jo-Jo today.

Shelter Wish List We still have a fairly large kitty population in the shelter, and would be very grateful to receive bags of cat litter - the traditional, clay type like Tidy Cat. We try to change the litter in the cages and rooms frequently so the shelter smells better, and the kitties have a nice clean environment. Thank you, and the kitties thank you!

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