This past week, we received a wonderful selection of dogs for adoption - just in time for the holidays. Some of the pooches we received from other overcrowded shelters, and the rest we rescued from the hoarding situation recently brought to light in the north part of the state.

There is a great potpourri of different breed mixes. Several of the dogs from the hoarding situation are pointer or English Setter/pointer mixes. They are very handsome, larger dogs with beautiful markings. We also received some Pomeranian mixes, and other smaller breeds.

What amazes us even more than the physical attributes of the rescue dogs is their very nice personalities! These dogs were kept in squalid conditions, and some, like large "Lefty" was kept in some sort of a box (not described as a crate or cage, it was a box, pure and simple) that was apparently so small that he had difficulty even standing up. As a result, all the white patches on this sweet black and white dog were stained yellow with his own urine. Now, after a bath, he shines and is truly black and white!

Some of the dogs from this situation have been very frightened and unsure upon their arrival at our shelter. But, to a dog, we could see that they were all gentle souls, and loved people and were very excited to receive attention. It never ceases to amaze us that dogs like these, that were neglected by humans, can still love people.

These dogs will soon be up for adoption. If you have room in your heart and home for a loving dog that has had a rough start in life, please come and visit our new canine residents.

Bennie the Bengal is quite the character We received this gorgeous kitty as an owner release through another shelter. He was surrendered to a shelter because he apparently had some separation anxiety and did not like it when his person left him alone to travel for business.

Bennie is very outgoing and affectionate, and one unusual thing we noticed about him is that he seems to love dogs! When we recently walked a large dog past his cage, he went crazy - chatting and rubbing on the cage and trying to stick his paw through the bars to reach the dog.

So, we think Bennie would be delighted to have a new home where his people stay home most of the time, and even better yet, where he could have his own dog!

Shelter wish list We want to let our supporters and all the wonderful adopters and visitors to the shelter how grateful we are for your support and kindness. We are hoping a lot of our shelter residents will find their forever homes this holiday season.

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