Sophie’s heart was first broken when her owner left her with a friend and just never returned to get her. Then, the friend didn’t want her, and she ended up at the shelter. Some dogs “take” to the shelter environment fairly quickly, but, sadly, this was not her case.

She is quiet and somewhat shy for a lab, and unfortunately must have had a bad experience with men, as she is afraid of most men. But, she loves women, and adores cuddling with and giving soft kisses to the ladies who volunteer at the shelter.

Sophie loves to go for walks, and is enamored with tennis balls — gee, what a surprise …

She likes to romp with other playful, friendly dogs, and seems to just ignore our shelter cats. Kids delight her, as she is probably hoping they have a nice energy level like she does, and can throw a tennis ball!

Sophie is a gentle dog that needs a gentle touch — and a loving home where she doesn’t have to be afraid ever again …

Young Alex gets an “A” for effort, but so far, not much else

This charming orange stub-tailed Manx mix has been at the shelter in our kitty room for far too much of his young life. He came to us from a bad situation in an Eastern Oregon town, and when he first arrived, he was very frightened.

He spent his days, when other kitties in the room were being chosen by new owners, hiding in the kitty condos — only creeping out at night to eat. Over time, though, he must have yearned for the love and attention he saw the other friendlier cats getting, and decided to come out where people could see how cute he is.

Now, he has done a true “180” and is one of the sweetest and most outgoing young cats in the room. When people come in, he purrs, he plays, he rubs, he kneads — he is doing absolutely everything he can think of to make someone love him.  So far, it hasn’t worked, but he isn’t giving up. In his heart, he knows his special someone is out there and will give him a loving home. Until then, he will just have to keep purring and hoping.


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