Humane Society Pet Report: 5.12.10

Humane Society Pet Report: 5.12.10

We had a wonderful adoption response to the "magnificent mutts" we received two weeks ago from an over-crowded, high-kill rate California shelter. Big and small, these rescued dogs finally found the homes they so deserved. All but Bradley ...

This sweet little Chihuahua mix is just as affectionate, cute and eager to please as the other Chihuahua mixes we received. The only difference is that sometime in this poor young dog's life, his front leg was broken and never fixed.

Eventually, the fracture healed, but without the benefit of veterinary care, it fused crookedly. One can only imagine how painful this process was. Now, his leg is crooked, but he seems to be making do quite well, and walking on all four limbs.

As his stay at our shelter went on, it was sad to hear people stop by his kennel to say "hi" to him only to hear them say things like "the poor thing has a crooked leg" and walk on by. Leaving him to look forlornly at them, and wonder just what was so wrong that they were no longer interested in him.

Bradley will never be a "jogging partner" dog, but gets along just fine for short walks and to get around to live his life. His leg might be crooked thanks to the neglect of a previous owner, but he holds no grudges. He just wants someone to step up and be willing to love him - crooked leg and all ...

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