IHS senior Adam Ellsworth checking out Idaho forests

Adam Ellsworth, who bagged the four-point buck displayed in his room, has plans to study forestry in Idaho. KEVIN HEIMBIGNER photo

Part 3 in our annual series on outstanding seniors

CHINOOK - Adam Ellsworth, member of the Ilwaco High School Class of 2003, was 12 when he got a four-point buck and the experience changed his life.

No, Adam didn't earn all A's in junior high for a 4.0 GPA (actually his grade average for his high school career is a commendable 3.4), but he did shoot a four-point deer. The stylish buck was taken at Adam's secret hunting area near his Chinook home.

"I've loved the woods ever since I was young and I've decided to make my career as a forester because of it," Ellsworth said.

"Mom [Barbara, a teacher's aide at Hilltop School] always encouraged me to have new ideas. She helped me decide a couple of years ago to become a forester."

Ellsworth has been accepted into the forestry program at the University of Idaho next fall.

"Idaho is a new location for me, I've never been there," Adam admitted. But he is eager to learn all he can so he can maybe manage a forest site and the wildlife located there.

He has lived all his life on the Peninsula, often working on his father Dean Ellsworth's crab boat. However, Adam conceded he doesn't like the water.

Besides having aspirations of becoming a forester, Ellsworth said he might like to be a pharmacist "as a backup." His senior project was job-shadowing local pharmacists. Adam has a wide range of interests, citing Band and Creative Cooking as his two favorite high school classes.

While hunting rates among his favorite activities, basketball and golf also rate top honors as Ellsworth's hobbies. Adam lead the Fishermen hoops team in free throw percentage last season while contributing in a reserve role. "It was hard to spend a lot of time on the bench, but the State Tournament was a blast. I was glad I stuck it out," the reserve guard said of his role on the seventh-in-the-state Fishermen basketball team.

He is proud of his 100 percent free throw percentage at the State 2A Tournament, a record he said with a grin, "Will only be tied and never broken." This self-proclaimed "funny guy" showed his willingness to contribute and his dedication to doing well during the basketball season.

Adam found varsity golf more relaxing and claims to be more comfortable competing outdoors. His sense of humor is greatly appreciated by teammates, friends, staff, and family.

Whatever Adam Ellsworth chooses to pursue, whether it be the relaxed comfort of being a forester, an inside job as a pharmacist, or something else, it's a good bet his infectious smile and good-natured demeanor will stand him in good stead.

And why wouldn't he be happy? After all, he has a smartly taxidermed four-point hanging on the wall in his room and he didn't have to earn a single "A" to bag it.

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