Mattress fundraiser

IHS band students Ewin Olsen (shark costume) and Christopher Lake (gorilla costume) try to catch the attention of passing cars to advertise their one-day mattress sale fundraiser Saturday afternoon. According to the music director Rachel Lake, they racked up the sale of 25 mattresses and four adjustable beds, of which they will see a portion of the profits. Lake said the sale went “Very well. Better than expected!”

ILWACO — Regular council business took up the agenda of Ilwaco City Council’s March 11 meeting.

The council’s next meeting is at 6 p.m. on March 25. Council meetings are held at the city’s community room, 158 First Ave. N. The public is welcome to attend.

Public hearing scheduling

Councilors approved scheduling a public hearing for the council’s April 8 meeting. Ilwaco residents Mike and Jennifer Colbach are applying for a road vacation near the Discovery Trail.

Residents can attend the public hearing to let councilors know their thoughts on the proposed change.

Black Lake property purchase

Councilors authorized Mayor Gary Forner to make a counter offer for real estate at Black Lake. At the council’s Feb. 11 meeting, councilors approved an offer to purchase the lot with $36,000 from its tourism revenues.

The privately owned property for sale is located at Black Lake near the trail and boat launch area.

If the city purchases the land, it will add picnic tables, explore the possibility of making the main trail accessible under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and possibly expand the park.

Mutual aid agreement

Councilors approved an agreement with the federal Department of Homeland Security and Pacific, Grays Harbor, Lewis and Thurston counties. The agreement serves as a mutual aid agreement where each member can provide support in an emergency. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is part of DHS.

“We can get one of those storms where we rely on other cities and counties to help us so this is a good thing,” Forner said.

Long Beach City Council recently adopted the agreement as well. Ilwaco and Long Beach’s contracts are good for 2019 through 2023.

Ordinance approvals

Councilors adopted three ordinances. They focus on delinquent utility accounts, criminal trespassing and a development fee schedule.

Several ordinances were eliminated through previous city leadership in an effort to make running the city more simple, Forner said.

The ordinances were adopted so the city would follow state law better. The criminal trespass ordinance will allow police officers to remove unauthorized people from private properties, issue citations and make arrests. The ordinance could affect campsites of homeless people and squatters on properties of out-of-town residents.

Other council news

  • Councilor Missy Bageant said Ilwaco High School sold 25 mattresses at its fundraiser over the weekend. The school hoped to sell five.
  • Councilor Kenneth Sprague said he wants to meet with other councilors to help him decide whether he wants to run for election later this year. Sprague was appointed to fill a council vacancy in late 2018. “I want to make a decision real soon on whether I want to continue or not,” Sprague said.
  • Forner said the city and Long Beach Police Department are “getting rid of some houses of questionable activity.”

Alyssa Evans is a staff writer for the Chinook Observer. Contact her at 360-642-8181 or

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