ILWACO - With the beginning of a new year, Ilwaco city council appointed city positions at their meeting Monday night. City Clerk Lori Mossman, Treasurer Melissa Busby, City Superintendent Randy Lavold and City Attorney David Nelsen were each given the same title and council member Dave Jensen was elected mayor pro-tempore.

Council approved a raise for Ilwaco Fire Chief Tom Williams, bringing his salary to the equivalent of half of the city's employee "99" pay level, equaling a total of $24,832.50. A $50 monthly increase was approved for the Ilwaco Fire Department's secretary, bringing her total pay to $250 per month. At the Dec. 26 meeting, Williams explained that he had tried to get a $50 increase for the department's secretary earlier, but the request was denied. Disappointed with the decision, Williams took $50 out of his own check to increase the secretary's pay.

Also on the agenda was a public hearing regarding the approval for a Shoreline Substantial Development permit for Ilwaco resident Larry Brocker's charter business at the Port of Ilwaco. City Planner Amy Ammer presented information to council regarding the permit and Ilwaco Port Manager Jim Neva spoke in support of permit approval.

"I feel this is consistent with development along the port and we need your support," Neva explained to council.

Brocker went before council members to answer questions and get a decision, but the mayor and council determined that permit approval would have to wait until the Jan. 22 meeting, due to rules regarding paperwork timelines.

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