ILWACO - Mayor Ed Leonard's report to the Ilwaco City Council Monday night included a reminder to attend the dedication of a bas relief sculpture at McKenzie Head Friday at 12:30 p.m. at Cape Disappointment State Park. A rededication of the newly remodeled Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center will be at 2:30 p.m. the same day.

Leonard said he had received a letter from Ron Woldeit, a Lynnwood resident who is a descendant of Elijah O'Flyng who, with his brother, Patrick, died during the battle of Fort Erie during the War of 1812. A battery at Cape Disappointment, completed in 1906, is named after Elijah O'Flyng. The battery was dismantled in the early 1940s and "has been all but forgotten," Leonard said. He said Woldeit has asked for help to preserve the site "in memory of a most remarkable, patriotic and dedicated Irish family. I will do what I can."

Construction of the third sequencing batch reactor at the city's sewer plant is "going very well," Leonard said, and the contractor, Stellar J "forecasts it will be completed in seven weeks."

The mayor continued his report by saying he had been in contact with the state Department of Ecology "regarding the availability of water on the Peninsula. In 20 years or so we will undoubtedly need additional water rights. Here we are, surrounded by water on three sides, and I'm concerned about water."

And, speaking of water, the mayor said, filters 1 and 2 at the city's water plant have been completed and test runs made. "The data have been reviewed by our engineers Gibbs & Olson and a draft final report for the state Department of Health has been prepared," he concluded.

During the meeting, Ilwaco Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tom Williams reported that the department has acquired four new volunteers, seven members attended Pacific County Fire District No. 1 strategy and tactics classes and three attended search-and-rescue and "burn to learn" classes in North Bend.

The city council approved waiving vendor fees for the Loyalty Day children's parade; releasing funds from a Community Development Block Grant for the water treatment plant project; Ordinance 686, an amendment to the 2003 budget; and proceeding with a Public Works Trust Fund loan application for water, sewer and storm lines for a proposed 2006 repaving of Spruce Street by the state.

The Ordinance 686 budget amendment reflected unanticipated revenues received by the city last year that include $87,000 in the street fund, a $22,645 refund from the Port of Ilwaco for the First and Howerton project and and excise tax refund of $41,220.

The city received the tax refund because Debra Gore, the city's clerk/treasurer discovered that excise taxes for the sewer plant had been calculated incorrectly for the past five years. Gore asked the state for a refund.

"This shows the value of sending our city clerk to classes," Leonard said. "We pay $300 or $400 for the classes and she comes back with $40,000."

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