ZILLAH — Beginning in late February, 17 Ilwaco Middle School science students began building Beo-Bots as part of the robotics challenge. On March 21 they competed in Zillah in a statewide event and of the 64 teams there, Ilwaco placed sixth, 19th, 20th and 26th. Teacher Charlotte Kelly helped the students with the challenge and the challenging competition.

    “This is the first time Ilwaco has participated in the challenge and it is free to any school sponsored by the Zillah science boosters,” Kelly explained. “The transportation costs were funded by both Gear Up and WellSpring.”

    In less than a month, Ilwaco students built their Boe-Bots that are robots programmed to follow the light from a flashlight. The Boe-Bots must navigate tricky courses at the direction of the student team members.

    The Ilwaco Batman team finished three courses in 88.4, 88.0 and 47.2 seconds. The Potatoes team was timed in 2:05.9, 2:10.2 and 2:12. The 6 Musketeers team ran their robots through the courses in 2:14, 1:30 and 2:44.3 and the Mighty Mice team was timed in 1:46.9, 3:00 and 2:04.1.

    Participants for Ilwaco included Ben Brownlee, Seth Sonntag, Daylin Kemmer, Kyle Bryant, Alec Bell, Fallon Christy, Brianna Cummins and Ryan Schenk. Also participating for IMS were Sydney Cutting, Charity Fleck, Norma McEntee, Anessa Woodby, Kadance Vinsonhaler, Taylor Kemmer, Shannon Driscoll, Dayna West and Ashley Espinosa.

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