ILWACO - Monday night, city council members Mike Cassinelli and David Jensen reported that as of the fire committee's last meeting, an architectural firm has been chosen for the fire hall rebuild project.

Though three architects were invited to discuss their ideas for the project, Jensen said of the chosen firm, "Michael Willis Architects from Portland was a fairly good-sized firm with a great interest factor and directed a lot of attention to our specific project."

Ilwaco Fire Chief Tom Williams also reported that some drilling would take place at the building site for geological tests.

Under public comment, Dale Beasley stated he felt that Ilwaco has defects in its city planning process and that Claude Noyes' conditional use permit review last week was misinterpreted as "an essential public service." Beasley also said that he is "impressed with the $40 to $50 million invested in the community in the past five years."

Questions were also raised as to what the city's timeline is for the Ilwaco Comprehensive Plan, which is dated 1997, and whether it has been reviewed recently. Jensen said he felt there isn't a requirement to change any parts of the comprehensive plan at this time.

Ann Saari, a representative of the Ilwaco Timberland Library, provided the mayor and council members with a list of possible spaces for the library to rent during the renovation project. When the Ilwaco Community Building renovation begins next year, PACE and the library will have to find temporary housing until the project is finished. Saari said that a 2,000 square foot space would be ideal for the library, which will need a temporary space for approximately 18 months. Though there is not any relocation funding included in the $2.7 million grant, Saari said that there is some money in a few library funds to help pay for the estimated $15,000 to $20,000 18-month lease, expected to begin in January 2008.

"We need to figure this out ahead of time so that we can budget the costs and find out how much we can budget, as well as the best way to go about it," said council member David Fritts.

Other topics of discussion included the twice a year hydrant flushing schedule and the necessity of portable toilets for public use at Black Lake and downtown areas.

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