Improvement work continues on Ocean Park water system

<I>Provided photo</I><BR>A site has been prepared for Ocean Park's new 211,000-gallon water storage tank.

OCEAN PARK - Construction will begin this week as the North Beach Public Development Authority (NBPDA) operating North Beach Water begins another phase of their system upgrade in Ocean Park.

In early February, the NBPDA announced the purchase of the two private water systems serving the Rushlight Estates and the Ocean Park community. As part of the acquisition, system upgrades were also planned to include a new 211,000-gallon water storage tank, along with the placement of 3,600 feet of 12-inch water line from the well site serving the Rushlight Estates to 256th and Vernon, located at the Ocean Park Elementary School.

Mt. Baker Silo of Lynden, has been contracted by NBPDA to construct the new concrete structure. Mt Baker Silo has been building concrete water reservoirs and silos for more than 50 years. This new water storage tank will be of similar design and construction as the water storage tanks currently in use at the north well field in Ocean Park, and for the Surfside Homeowners Association, and the community of Oysterville.

DPR Builders of Ocean Park will begin placement of the new 12-inch water line at 256th and Vernon and will work their way east along 256th toward the new water storage tank. Preparations for this work have been taking place during the past few weeks as DPR Builders has completed all of the yard piping at the well site for the new tank, along with various line taps at 256th and Vernon, 256th and R., and a crossing at Broadway south of Bay Ave.

The work is scheduled to continue for the next few weeks with anticipation of completion sometime early this fall. Once work is complete, the system upgrades will able to provide improved water for health and safety within the core community of Ocean Park.

If you have any questions regarding the scope of the project please contact the North Beach Water Office located 25902 Vernon Ave., in Ocean Park or call 665-4144.

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