Boomers abound! I know I've already used this expression, but it's getting harder to find an alliterative introduction, so please bear with me.

If you've been following this column recently, you know that the so-called "silver tsunami" is coming our way. Millions of boomers are growing up - or getting older if you have to look at it that way. Many of us prefer to think of it as simply getting to another age.

Setting aside the pending onslaught on aging services, and its sheer volume, let's continue to look at a couple other things. First, another reminder that if you're currently on Medicare Part D, or getting there, open enrollment is Nov. 15 throught Dec. 31; and if you're looking for plans, you can either contact one of the numbers at the bottom of this column, or go to and do some exploration there. By following the links to drug plans, you can get to the Medicare Plan Finder and begin your comparison.

If you're only approaching Medicare, the site also allows for descriptions of Medicare (Part A, B, C and D) and lots of other information. This will be a very busy site come mid-November!

You may also have heard that things are changing due to the affordable health care act, health care reform, whatever; and while that's certainly true, let's wait for this year to end before looking at next year. I will, however, give one heads-up for early 2011: Between Jan. 1 and Feb. 14, 2011, if you are in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you'll have the option of switching to original Medicare (the one we usually think of when we think "Medicare"). If you make the switch, you'll also have until Feb. 14 to join a Part D (prescription) plan.

A couple ofcaveats regarding what you cannot do during this period:

? You can't switch from original Medicare to an Advantage Plan

? You can't change from one Advantage Plan to another

? You can't change your Part D plan from the one you have to another plan

Sounds perfectly clear, yes? The main point is if you're in an Advantage Plan, you know it, so just a reminder. For more information, feel free to give us a call.

And as to why Valentine's Day becomes a deadline? Maybe Medicare wants a card ...

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