Sometimes I feel like I have one foot anchored in the past and one foot in the present, digging in. I don’t like to see myself that way. I like to think I’m up on whatever I need to be up on — and I guess I am … so far.

Somewhere along the line, however, when I wasn’t paying much attention, technology raced on by — and that’s OK. I never considered myself a techie; but what’s common now seems like techie stuff to me, so I have to play some catchup. Don’t hold your breath, though, for me to become a modern marvel in the ether of online tools and processes. I only recently upgraded my cell phone from a 1947 wind-up model. (At least that’s the reaction I got from folks who saw my old cell.)

When we send out surveys and follow up with folks who have contacted us, one of the questions we ask is:

Do you have any recommendations on how to make Information & Assistance better?

And the one consistent answer that seems to run through all the questions, regardless of the type of survey is:

Better advertising of services.

So now, although it seemed like e-mail and our agency website might have been relatively sufficient means to get the word out regarding information, referral, advocacy, etc., social networking is also becoming a tool used for outreach to even more folks. And we are always on the lookout for more ways to get the word out.

So sometimes instead of C’mon, follow me! It becomes Hey, wait for me! and we push ahead. The reason for my meandering thoughts, confessions and ponderings is simply to say that O3A/Information & Assistance is now on Facebook. Search for Olympic Area Agency on Aging-Information & Assistance Facebook and there we are. We’re new there, so information is continually being updated, added and so on.

I know a lot of you are way ahead of me, and it’s not just the boomers who are pushing ahead. More people in their 70s and beyond are find online socializing a great way to dispel feel of isolation, keep in touch with family and friends, exercise their minds and generally find out what’s out there to know.

As we run alongside the people in our communities, we too want to see what there is to know — and to get the information out. We’re all in this particular aging race together, and by working together we can find what we need to win it.

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