Kristen Inskeep joins Chinook Observer

Kristen Inskeep, 38, of Seaview, was officially hired as the new office coordinator for the weekly Chinook Observer in early January.

LONG BEACH — There’s a new face in the Chinook Observer front office.

Kristen Inskeep, 38, of Seaview, was officially hired as the new office coordinator in early January.

Inskeep will manage the front desk duties, responsibilities formally handled by Marlene Quillin, who semi-retired in late December after more than 18 years at the Chinook Observer front desk.

“Marlene has set me up for success,” said Inskeep who shadowed Quillin for a few days learning the ins and outs of the job.

From East to West

Inskeep has lived across the U.S., but ultimately fell in love with Long Beach while visiting on vacation a few years ago.

“I’m from all over the place,” said Inskeep, who grew up in Oregon and then spent time in Hawaii and Tennessee before settling down in Southwest Washington three years ago.

“We came here for a vacation and fell in love with it. It will be four years in September,” she said.

Inskeep now lives in Seaview with her husband Tim, a classically trained chef, and school-age son Fletcher, 14, and daughter Lyla, 12, and a dog and cat. The family of four stay busy embracing all the outdoor activities the Long Beach Peninsula has to offer, Inskeep said.

“We love to be outside, whether it’s hiking, being on the beach, golfing, stand-up paddling,” she said. “My husband likes to surf and my daughter is very involved with the Beach Ballet.”

Inskeep was previously self-employed in the restaurant and business fields but is relishing the opportunity to experience the newspaper industry first hand. Assisting with proofreading the newspaper has been one of her favorite parts so far.

“I love seeing it come out and putting it together,” Inskeep said. “Newspapers have always interested me, just how they work and run.”

Inskeep provides in-person staffing at the Observer offices at 205 E. Bolstad Ave., Suite 2 in the mornings Monday-Friday. Our company’s central call center addresses inquiries and directs calls the rest of the time.

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