Information and assistance - it's not all about problems, sickness and gut-wrenching decisions. At least not all the time. As mentioned previously in this space, sometimes it's about information and assistance before something dire happens. It's called prevention.

Prizes! Gifts! Food! Rides! (Well, maybe not rides, but it's easy to get carried away) and information!!

OK, if you're like me, I had you at food, but there's a lot more going on Wednesday, May 16, in Raymond. It's called a Fall Prevention Awareness Workshop - and no, it's not about the seasons - weather-wise, at least.

Herewith is the official blurb: Fall Prevention Awareness Workshop: O3A Nurse Services and Senior Information and Assistance are hosting a Fall Prevention Awareness and Senior Information Workshop on May 16. The workshop will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at New Life Fellowship Ministries located at 404 Commercial St. in Raymond.

Several free drawing gifts have been donated by businesses in the community. A free thank you gift will be given to all adults, while supplies last. Professional guest speakers will include Dr. David Lush "Statistics and Aging Changes," Ron Brummel, RPh "Medications and Falls," Ruth Ann Kolodzie, RN "Home Safety," and Dr. Jeff Nevitt "Fall Risk due to Vision Changes." There will be plenty of time to visit the clinics and exhibits.

The clinics will include blood pressure checks, depression screen, fall risk assessment, Tai Chi exercises and medication "brown bag" (bring a complete list of your medications for review). Some of the exhibits will include Senior I & A, emergency response, assistive devices, Pacific County Health Dept., O3A Family Caregivers, Home Care Registry, Willapa Harbor Hospital, Home and Community Services.

Lunch will be served; so come and enjoy a fun-filled, educational day and two to three hours of continuing education credits are available. If you have any questions please call 866-582-1487 or 360-538-2457.

So there you have it. It's a time of gaining preventative information, meeting with community service providers (including us!), asking questions, getting answers, eating and prizes. What more could you ask for? See you there!

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