"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We've all heard it said - but what if I need a pound of prevention? Am I warding off 16 pounds of potentially needed cure? Such meanderings are dangerous in late afternoons. But it does serve to introduce this week's subject: Prevention.

Prevention - or to those keeping up with the trend of such things, "wellness" - comes in a variety of avenues. There's always the old standard of diet and exercise, which I like to think are for "other" people, and which is still a good idea. But again, this can take many forms, so let's expand our thinking.

Medicare Part D information is also prevention. (Didn't think I'd miss an opportunity to remind folks, did you?) On July 18, at 10 a.m. at the Peninsula Church Center in Seaview, we're holding another public Medicare Part D forum, with Northwest Justice attorneys also discussing elder law issues. And at 5:30 p.m. the same day at the Union Hall in Raymond there is a special informational meeting for professional service providers. If you are a professional service person, call Carol at (888) 571-6557 or (360) 942-2177 for details on the Raymond meeting.

Another type of prevention does fall into the exercise arena, though not the heart-pounding-sweat-your-way-through-it type exercise. I'm referring to LifeTrails, which was mentioned in a column some months back, and which will be coming soon to our area.

LifeTrail Wellness Stations are units which are set up along a walking path and provide low-impact exercises for both the upper and lower body. Various units are designed for accessibility for folks using walkers and/or wheelchairs, also.

There is a plan afoot to incorporate these stations into a Total Fitness Park at/near Golden Sands Assisted Living in Klipsan Beach. The park will be a wheelchair-accessible trail, and current planning hopes to incorporate gardens and benches along the way.

Once in place, the experience should provide exercise/prevention/wellness both enjoyable and healthy.

As I said, this is the plan, as in not yet the reality. Planning meetings and discussions have been taking place and O3A (us, remember?) has also been involved in gathering information, looking for resources and so on. For more info, contact Golden Sands at 665-0190 and ask for Pam. Or call us at 642-3634 or (888) 571-6558 and ask for Brent (extension 13). Community involvement is the key to community activity and those doing the planning are looking for such involvement. It may be a letter of support, assisting with maintenance, funding equipment or landscaping or a combination of any of these.

Senior Information & Assistance

Long Beach: 642-3634; (888) 571-6558

Raymond: 942-2177; (888) 571-6557

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