As they say: "It's déjà vu all over again"...

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned the Medicare Part D open enrollment period which begins Nov. 15, and runs through December. And since it begins next week, a timely reminder may be in order. As always, remember that the plan you had for 2007 is not necessarily the best plan for you in 2008, as formularies, premiums and other aspects will change.

And now, déjà vu: The Peninsula Senior Center in Klipsan Beach is hosting an informational meeting about Medicare Part D on Nov. 19 at 2:45 p.m. and our staff will be presenting enrollment information. It's open to the public, so join in!

Our offices in Pacific County (Raymond and Long Beach) are ready to assist you with Part D enrollment and other information. Our staff has been doing it all along so they've got the process down. In Raymond, the office is at 319 Duryea, across the street from the bank parking lot. The Long Beach office is at 1715A Pacific Hwy., just a block or so south of Pioneer Road on the west side of the highway. Phone numbers are at the end of the column.

The Long Beach office will be providing a walk-in Part D clinic every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon through Dec. 26. Both offices can also send out the application process forms on request - just give us a call.

The application is a three-page (no fine print!) document that asks some demographic information (name, date of birth, Medicare Claim number and so on) and prescription information such as preferred pharmacy and a list of prescriptions you're currently taking. There is also a small section that deals with low-income assistance with costs if you qualify. If you come to the offices, remember to bring your Medicare card.

One more reminder: We will not recommend a specific company for you. We will, however, run the information through the Medicare Web site and give you results that note the top three choices that fit your needs and/or preferences. It's part of what we do and we've been to this dance more than once.

And now another update. CCAP (Coastal Community Action Program), headquartered in Aberdeen, provides a variety of services for Grays Harbor and Pacific counties. Among other resources, they provide in-home care (as does PACE in Pacific County), but also energy assistance, transportation and so on. They have a new office in South Bend at 500 Robert Bush Drive, and the phone number there is 360-875-8194. (You can still contact the Aberdeen office toll-free at 800-828-4883). The staff person in South Bend is Desiree Wildhaber and she's a great person who really wants to interact with the local community. Drop by or give her a call.

And so, community continues to be community. I like that!

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