Bookings into Pacific County Jail between Oct. 25 and Nov. 1

Amy Elizabeth Anderson - Delivery of marijuana, third-degree driving while licensed suspended.

John David Daniel Borchardt - Warrant for failure to appear, violating protection orders.

Bruce Allen Cardwell - Warrant for failure to appear.

Mark Adam Demory - Malicious harassment.

Christopher Stewart Doty - Marijuana possession less than/equal to 40 grams, minor in possession and/or consumption.

Jacob Curtiss Evans - Driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Justin Keith Evanson - Third-degree driving while license suspended, first-degree negligent driving, reckless endangerment, minor in possession and/or consumption, use paraphernalia.

Kenneth Raymond Fisette - Warrant for failure to comply.

Nathan Earl Foster - Marijuana possession less than/equal to 40 grams.

Larissa D. Genn - Court-ordered sentence.

Timothy James Green - Domestic violence fourth-degree assault, hold for other agency.

Michael John Kinnaman - Domestic violence fourth-degree assault, domestic violence malicious mischief.

Ennis Clark London - Second-degree assault.

Jimmy Leroy Nickell Jr. - Four warrants for failure to comply.

Jared Mitchell Niemi - Four warrants for failure to appear.

Jimmy Now - Court-ordered sentence.

David William Peterson - Hold for other agency, two counts of court-ordered sentence.

Brian James Riffe - Operating vehicle without ignition interlock, driving under the influence of intoxicants, second-degree driving while license suspended.

Male Juvenile Offender - Domestic violence fourth-degree assault, domestic violence malicious mischief, possession of a controlled substance, possession in violation of the controlled substance act.

Dylan Lynn Snidow - Marijuana possession less than/equal to 40 grams, possession of a stolen firearm, possession of drug paraphernalia.

David Michael Stream - Minor in possession and/or consumption.

Kathleen Marie Vipperman - Violating an anti-harassment order.

Joseph Lawrence West - Two warrants for failure to appear, hold for other agency.

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