Bookings into Pacific County Jail between March 28 and April 4

    Jake D. Barnes — Driving under the influence of intoxicants.

    Brent Travis Dawkins — Hold for other agency.

    Nathan Markus Ente — Warrant for failure to appear, community custody violation.

    Molly Elizabeth Fay — Warrant for failure to appear, third-degree escape.

    Zachary Erin Fike — Third-degree driving while license suspended.

    Eric Laif Furford — Two warrants for failure to comply.

    Ricardo Gomez — Possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, obstructing a public servant, use/deliver drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest.

    Linda Ann Goodwin — False reporting.

    Craig Ray Johnson — Warrant for failure to comply.

    Dillan James Klepps — Two warrants for failure to appear.

    Eugene Burt Kornoely — Community custody violation.

    James Joseph Markley — Court-ordered sentence.

    Anthony Luic Meza — Probation/parole violation.

    Sharon Ann Moore — Hold for other agency.

    Male Juvenile Offender — Domestic violence fourth-degree assault.

    Stephanie Ann Siegel — Domestic violence fourth-degree assault.

    Kenny Leroy Sinclair — Community custody violation, controlled substance no prescription felony.

    Trish Stark — Domestic violence fourth-degree assault.

    Steven Paul Weidenhammer — Court-ordered sentence.

    Walter William Welter — Warrant for failure to appear, community custody violation.

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