Join the Master Builders!

Join the Master Builders!

A message from Chapter President Erik Fagerland:

The Pacific County chapter of the Olympia Master Builders was founded by Steve Waltemate of S.A.W. Construction and Gary Baker of Baker & Son Construction six years ago. Waltemate acted as the chapter's first president and was succeeded by Ray Bonney. Now, I have the privilege to serve a second term as president. With Brad Wilson as vice president, and Dian Barker-Sayce, Don Anderson and Gene Ford as associate directors, we have a great team in place to pursue our goals.

The Olympia Master Builders' primary mission is to help keep housing affordable through proactive legislation at all levels of government affecting the building industry. They also offer over 300 programs, benefits, and activities for members including continuing education, networking, reduced health insurance, and safety training. Members are not only builders, they are bankers, Realtors, lawyers, insurance agents, municipalities, vendors, or anyone directly or indirectly related to the housing industry.

Over the past year I have been attending board meetings and workshops in Olympia and have found this organization to be a sincere, hard-working group of people committed to increasing professionalism in the industry. Here on the Peninsula, we are 25 members strong with monthly meetings regularly attended by 10 to 20 people. We also are highly committed to making a difference, not just in the industry but within this community.

This year we have listed some our goals to include:

• Increased awareness of the value builders bring to a community

• Strengthen ties with the High School Vocational Program

• Encourage students to seek professional careers in the construction industry and see that the Olympia Master Builders Scholarship is awarded to a student.

• Create a Green Building Committee

• See that one to two contractors receive certified contracting training

• Continue our community service projects

• Increase involvement in local government

To kick off this year's goal of community action, we have organized a Green Building Conference to be held Feb. 28 at the Chautauqua Lodge. The event will be sponsored by Olympia Master Builders with meals and advertisement sponsored by Shorebank Pacific and The Bank of Pacific. Two promotional raffles are sponsored by the Edgewater Hotel and Coho Charters.

The conference is meant to be an introduction to techniques that can be used to cost effectively build healthier, more energy efficient, and environmentally friendly buildings, homes and landscapes.

Guest speaker is Kathleen O'Brian, a nationally known speaker and expert in the field of sustainable design and construction. She also is the Green Conference organizer for the National Association of Home Builders.

There also will be representatives from the county, city, and port governments, vendor displays and a tour of the Shorebank Pacific facility focusing on the various "Green" strategies implemented there. This conference is generating a lot of positive response already and attendees will be coming from Cannon Beach to Olympia. Attending this event will be a great way to meet a number of people who influence development in the region, so register now and come enjoy the day.

For many people moving to our region, the building industry is their first introduction to our community. We believe that as the Peninsula continues to grow, we must grow with it and be ready to provide increasingly more professional services, thereby making a new homeowners' introduction to our area as positive an experience as possible. We can achieve this through proactive involvement with the Olympia Master Builders.

To get involved, ask questions or sign-up for the conference, call (800) 456-6473

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