LONG BEACH - The results from the Nov. 4 election are in, and former mayor Ken Ramsey has been announced the winner in the 2003 Long Beach mayoral race. Ramsey received 237 votes, and his opponent, former Police Chief Dave Sexton, received 171.

Ramsey said it was a close race, but in the end, he felt the residents of Long Beach made the right decision.

"I guess I was happy," said Ramsey about hearing the results. "Happy that the race was over and happy that the people of Long Beach thought I was the person for the job."

The new mayor said the first thing he plans to do after being sworn in next January is look closely at the role city employees are taking in the operations of the city. He stressed that this point he does not see a need for changes in personnel, but there needs to be a close examination of how people are spending their time.

When asked what his immediate plans for the city would be, Ramsey said, "Well, I'm pretty sure they have a full agenda at this point, so I think it would be best to wait until the transition is over with to dive into any major projects."

Ramsey said he did not want to walk in and start making changes without knowing what is going on. He said he felt that making sudden changes would needlessly upset the current work flow, and that would be counter-productive.

He also said from this point on, each council member will have equal input in city projects. Ramsey is of the opinion that not everyone is involved in the decisions being made, especially when it comes to civic projects such as Discovery Trail.

Ramsey said he wanted to have more communication between himself, city council members, city staff and the public. He wants to actively seek more involvement from community members, higher turn out at council meetings, and wants to get the word out more often when the city needs input on specific issues.

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