Kyle Mullins: On target for success

Naselle senior Kyle Mullins looks to his future as becoming a phamacist by studying at Western Washington University, but says playing his trumpet will always be an important part of his life.

NASELLE — “My two favorite possessions are my Gibson Flying V guitar and my customized Ruger 10-22 rifle,” Naselle senior Kyle Mullins says with his easy smile. “I’m heavily involved in music, no matter the instrument. I like to play my guitar, my trumpet, and any other strange instruments that may grab my attention. I’m also an avid marksman, be it with a firearm or a bow. I love going out and putting a projectile through a target.”

The versatile and talented Mullins is the son of Clay and Lynette Mullins, who also graduated from “good ole Naselle,” and his dad is someone Kyle looks up to. “I admire my father because of all the mishaps he’s gone through in life, and how he just keeps getting up and dusting himself off.”

At NHS Mullins is very successful in Knowledge Bowl and drama club and he is among the finest musicians in pep band, concert band, and marimba band. Mullins is playing the key part of Gaston in the school’s play “Beauty and the Beast.” He was in track as a freshman and played baseball his sophomore and junior years, making one the greatest catches ever on the Comets diamond in a JV game three seasons ago.

“I will be attending Western Washington University to become a pharmacist,” Mullins says. “Surprisingly, my favorite class is calculus. I am intrigued by all the intricacies that such a difficult level of math has to offer. That class requires a level of engagement I feel really comfortable with and I love the challenge.”  

Mullins’ favorite teacher is David King. “Mr. King, the band conductor, is like another dad. He brought me up right in terms of musicality and taught me that perfection is always worth shooting for; to go all out in everything I do and he helped increase my maturity level with many tidbits of advice that really hit home.”

Mullins says, “The best thing, albeit a mixed blessing, about Naselle is how everyone is acquainted with one another. Striking up a conversation is really easy and pleasant in this small town. If I were to change something about Naselle, it would be the weather. For once I would like the weather to fit the seasons instead of rain and overcast.”

Mullins’ philosophy of life is well-defined. “Meeting a challenge isn’t necessarily overcoming it; it is acknowledging the challenge and facing it with resolve every day. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices if you are to uphold your established values and priorities. Challenges have given me a heightened sense of what I feel is right or wrong. They have taught me that I need to be willing to let go of friendships and other relations to uphold my own values. I don’t need the approval of others, as long as what I do feels right to me,” he states.

“Live for now, but don’t forget to plan for later. Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen. Keep making progress, even if you only get one nanometer further than where you were,” Mullins advises his classmates at Naselle. “Be on your best behavior, because everything leaves a mark. Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes,” he says with confidence and a grin, knowing he is on target.

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