LONG BEACH - The Long Beach arch will soon rise again. During the regular city council meeting on April 5, one of the first items of business was the approval for its restoration.

Previously, there was some discussion about relocating or enlarging the arch, but community members and visitors alike made it clear they wanted the arch back just the way it was and the council agreed.

"It's a landmark here," said Council member Gordon Zuern. The ordinance approving the arch's reconstruction describes it as "part of our heritage."

The cost of the reconstruction will be fully covered by insurance. City Administrator Robert Strope told the council the project could be completed by the end of April.

Not changing the arch will also save the city money. The contractor estimated moving or enlarging it would cost the city an additional $20,000, an amount the council was happy to avoid because of the unexpected expense of repairing the Dohman dam.

The council also approved a change in contractors for the dam repair. Originally awarded to Lindstrom and Son Construction, the company later asked to be released from the contract. The next lowest bid was from Rognlin's Inc. out of Aberdeen.

The access road to the dam has already been improved, which will allow heavy equipment to access the dam. They expect work to be completed and refilled by mid-May, in plenty of time for the tourist season.

And there may be more tourist attracted to the area, the council hopes. They approved an agreement with Comcast Cable for television commercials. The 30-second spots will be shown more than 2,200 times, at a cost of $20,000. Some of the council members commented that they had already seen some of the commercials promoting fishing in the area. The company estimates, in addition to the council members, that the ads will reach more than 335,000 viewers.

There are also plans for radio advertising in addition to the placards which have been placed on Seattle area bus interiors.

"It's a step in the right direction," said Mayor Ken Ramsey.

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