LONG BEACH — Property owners investing in their buildings through remodeling projects may receive financial relief thanks to an ordinance allowing a temporary reduction on sewer bills.

    On May 21, the Long Beach City Council approved an ordinance offering a 75 percent reduction in sewer service charges to property owners while they are in the midst of remodeling. The prorated charges would be offered in instances where the remodel is “substantial enough to require a building permit” and “requires the structure to discontinue providing the building’s primary permitted use during the remodel.”

    Community Development Director Gayle Borchard said the prorated charges would be limited to a maximum time period of four months.

    In other business, the council authorized city staff to issue a request for statement of qualifications to develop a list of engineering and land surveying firms for small works projects, as well as to advertise that the city is accepting bids for a chip seal project on North Washington Street.


    In his mayor’s report, Bob Andrew spoke about Sen. Maria Cantwell’s involvement in recent congressional hearings that addressed tsunami debris and its predicted impact on our coastline. He also reported on the progress being made at the veterans memorial park being built behind the Long Beach Police Station.

    City Administrator Gene Miles added that the purpose of the memorial is to pay tribute to those who have fought for our country, not to make any implied political statement.

    “It has nothing to do with world order,” he explained. “It has to do with good people who if they weren’t there, we wouldn’t be here today.”

    In council reports, Jerry Phillips praised Peninsula Golf Course and the South Pacific County Humane Society for organizing a successful golf tournament fundraiser. He also said the Long Beach Elks will host a veteran biker gathering on Aug. 4; 300 motorcycles are expected to be in town that day.

    In his report, councilman Mark Perez said city crews pressure washed the pavilion on the Bolstad approach, put up the seasonal wind screens on the beach, and hung flower baskets in town. He also reported that an Internet/new media class will be offered at Grays Harbor College on June 6.

    Councilman Don Maxson added that city crews also pressure washed and painted the Long Beach arch.

    During his report, councilman Steven Linhart announ- ced that Brand U.S.A., an international tourism marketing campaign, chose the Washington State International Kite Festival as one of their featured events in the United States.

    Among staff reports, Miles said the Boys and Girls Club executive director is looking into grants that would help the organization maintain the pool facility that may be built using funds bequeathed by the late Verna Oller.

    In her report, Borchard stated that the city has received some aggressive, off-leash dog complaints lately. Residents were reminded that dog owners are expected to have their dog under control — with or without a leash — or they may be ticketed.

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