LONG BEACH - Long Beach Finance Director David Glasson presented the city council with a reimbursement request from Leroy Ostrem at the council's most recent meeting.

After dealing with drainage problems on his property, Ostrem approached council for assistance and former City Administrator Robert Strope stated that the city would "work with" Ostrem on a drainage solution. Glasson said that while Strope never elaborated on what he meant by the phrase, he reported that Ostrem requested that the city of Long Beach match the shared cost of the street improvements at the same rate the insurance pool did. With Ostrem paying 80 percent of the $15,200 total ($12,160), the city would be responsible for paying the remaining 20 percent, or $3,040. The city had already agreed to pay $1,200, so Ostrem asked that they pay the remaining $1,840.

Councilor Gordon Zuern explained that since the city had signed off on the project that the remaining $1,840 should be paid. Council members approved the payment.

Glasson presented council with an Ocean Beach gap road maintenance agreement. The contract with Washington State Parks and Recreation pays the city of Long Beach to maintain public access gap roads. In the past, the city was paid $4,000 per road per year, totaling $8,000 per year. The new agreement, which would expire June 30, 2009, would increase the payment amount to $5,000 per road, giving the city $10,000 to work with each year. Council members approved the agreement.

City Administrator Gene Miles presented council with an agenda bill for the rental of the city's meeting room for county court sessions. Previously, the city had received $500 per month in rent to use the city council chambers as South County Court. After coordination with Mayor Ralph Moore and County Commissioner Jon Kaino, Miles informed council that the city would receive $1,500 each month. The rent increase would be effective immediately and run through 2008, or until the new county building is complete and the court is moved until the new facility. Council members approved the bill.

Glasson also approached council with a resolution to establish the city's credit card policies and uses. He advised that state law and city code should dictate when, where and under what circumstances credit cards should be used. The resolution also established a $2,500 credit limit on all city credit cards.

Since the mayor and city administrator both declined having city credit cards in their names, Glasson's research revealed that city department heads could have city credit cards in their own names instead.

"It's more of a convenience and efficiency is what we're after," explained Glasson.

Councilor Jerry Phillips added that the resolution should state that the cards are not to be used for personal uses. Glasson said that while the restrictions are stated in the Revised Code of Washington, he could add them to the resolution if needed. The revised resolution was approved.

Council also approved a Community Development Block Grant certificate of compliance and Miles' request for $1,000 in membership dues for the Pacific County Economic Development Council.

During public comment, a representative from Ocean View Convalescent asked council to consider providing a paved surface for their residents to use to see the beach. Moore said, "That's a good idea and a good project to do." Councilor Betty Ahern added hat there may be some grant money for the possible project.

In council reports, Fred Cook reported that lodging tax revenue is indeed up, as he had predicted.

Ahern said that city crews are currently busy weatherizing and maintaining areas across town, including the gazebo.

Zuern reminded everyone that the city is in the process of flushing hydrants.

Mayor Moore reminded council members of the upcoming budget workshops.

Long Beach City Development Director Kaye Simonson reported that she will be out of the office for approximately one month, but will be in contact with city staff to assist when needed. Simonson also noted that as a result of moving outside the city limits, David Bross has resigned from the planning commission. She encouraged anyone who might be interested in serving on the planning commission to submit a letter of interest to city hall.

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