LONG BEACH - City of Long Beach Finance Director David Glasson met with USDA Rural Development in regards to grant possibilities. He told the city council about his efforts during last week's council meeting.

Long Beach Police Chief Flint Wright brought up the fact that July 4 will fall on a Saturday in 2009, which could be a problem since the city of Long Beach has fireworks on the fourth and the Port of Ilwaco fireworks show is typically the first Saturday in July. He stated that the department would not be able to patrol both events at the same time.

Community Development Director Kaye Simonson reported that the comprehensive plan is in the finalization stages and the planning commission approved a garage project at 1515 Ocean Beach Boulevard North.

During council reports, Councilman Jerry Phillips said he had received positive comments about building inspector Bill Stidham. As usual, the police department has been busy responding to calls, but Phillips had additional praise for officer Casey Meling who, with assistance from the U.S. Marshals Office and Pacific County Narcotics Enforcement Team, headed up the arrest of an Ilwaco man who was a fugitive on the run from Arizona for 11 years.

Councilman Gordon Zuern gave updates on festival preparations and drainage work.

Moore reported a good crowd attending the Kite Festival and described the good time he had at the Peninsula blues and jazz events recently. He added that Chief Wright volunteered to patrol the blues event in Ilwaco.

Councilwoman Betty Ahern discussed Kite Festival, Jake's birthday and how city crews are working to keep the city orderly.

The next Long Beach City Council meeting has been moved to Sept. 2 to allow for Labor Day.

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