ILWACO - As the month of March drifts in, for those of you wishing to book space on charter boats, now is the time. These shows are well attended by charter booking offices and fishermen alike, serious charter boat cliental jump in early and choose prime weekends and days with the best tides.

As the recreational fishing seasons get shorter and shorter each season, available dates tend to shrink quickly. Take, for instance, the halibut season that used to stretch from May 1 into September, the past couple of years the season has eaten its quota within the first three weeks of May.

The productive season for sturgeon at the mouth of the Columbia has shrunk to about six weeks, starting May 12 and ending around the Fourth of July.

Salmon fishing in the ocean will likely begin July 3 and last through the month of August.

Albacore fishing, whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, will begin (with the proper water temps) towards the end of July and will be fished through September (weather permitting).

Listed below is the Ilwaco Charter Lineup for the 2007 Season:

Sea Sport Fishing Charters (642-8863 or toll free 866-211-6611) Manager Larry BrockerLodge accommodations are available

Boat Passengers Captain Length

Rock-n-Roll 4-6 Josh Thielen 32'

Big Dipper 7-16 Ron Malast 52'

Net Prophet 4-6 Paul Knowles 30'

Coho Charters (800-339-2646 or 642-3333) "The Boss" Terri Smith Lodge accommodations are available

Coho King 6-14 Butch Smith 40'

Leigh High 12-18 Kenny Herman 48'

Mar B 111 12-18 Scott Munsel 42'

Coho Mooch 6-16 Dwight Wallace 42'

Pacific Salmon Charters (642-3466, 800-831-2695) Manager Sarah Gudgell

Sara Kay 6-10 Milt Gudgell 36'

Katie Marie 6-15 Rob Gudgell 43'

Sea Venture 6-15 Jon Hanson 40'

Star Dust 6-12 Erik Ervest 40'

Westward 6-12 David Gudgell 40'

Kingfish 6-16 Mike Coe 42'

Sea Angel 6 Dave Clemons 32'

Sea Breeze Charters (800-204-9125, 642-2300) Mgrs. Pat & Max Gentry

Sea Breeze 6-16 Perry VanOver 42'

Four Sea'sons 6-16 Pat Schenk 50'

Salty Dog 6-16 Jeremy Plummer 43'

Nauti Lady 6-16 Dan Schenk 43'

Mariner 6 Steve Sohlstrom/Loyal Homes 42'

Sea Quest 6 Tim Harrel 32'

Ankeny Street 6-16 PM Schenk 42'

Comanche 6 Tom Prozizleck 42'

Beacon Charters (642-2138 - Manager Tom & Sandy

Coho Sally 6-12 Mike Cassinelli 42'

Hobo 6-12 Undisclosed 43'

Captains on all Ilwaco charter boats have Merchant Marine Licenses issued by the US Coast Guard.

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