Thanks to John Coby who donated an electronic handheld, expert coaching on the sidelines and tournament direction assistance and Bobby Richards and Zhuang Zhuang vital participation in the Unrated Division (enabling all K-12 players to get a rating) and all who stayed after the tournament to wrap up, the River City Open of June 2006 was a tremendous success!

River City Open Awards:

Unrated Division (Trophy)/Medal

1 Joseph Swan-First

2 John D Flett-Second

3 Fernando Rodriguez-Third

4 Zhuang Zhuang-Fourth

5 Ismael Rodriguez-Fifth

6 Timothy Blaylock-Sixth

7 David Rodriguez-Sportsmanship

8 Kenneth Privitt-Tenacity

9 Bobby Richards-Tenacity

10 Erik Christy-Sportsmanship

11 Kevin Johnson-Best Handshake

12 Rachel Privitt-Sportsmanship

13 Garrett Loghry-Notation

14 Austin Doe-Sportsmanship

Casual Division

David Roehm-First

Steven Isaksen-Second

Bughouse Team


Bobby Richards-First

Zhuang Zhuang-First


Joseph Swan-Second

Fernando Rodriguez-Second

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